Welcome to Management IT

We believe that cloud computing has the potential to change the way that business uses IT. But first, you may be asking "what is cloud computing?". Cloud computing is a movement away from the traditional computing infrastructure installed to support a business to access to applications hosted on the internet.  Think of it like power in the industrial revolution – initially business had their own power – water mills and steam engines – but soon this was replaced by electricity from the national grid.  Cloud computing is a move to have applications and computing power delivered in this way.

Big companies – Microsoft, Google and IBM – are investing in the provision of Cloud Computing and big companies are taking advantage to increase agility and reduce costs.  Small businesses can benefit too, and this is where Management IT provides specialists who can:

  • Help you take advantage of cloud computing to reduce your costs and provide you with a flexible platform as your business grows
  • Help you provide your products and services into the cloud. Do you have a product or service that you think other businesses or consumers could benefit from? We can provide support and skills not only to get your product or service out there but also with innovative cost propositions.

Take a look round our web-site and contact us at info@management-it.co.uk for a free, no obligation consultation.